Home-improved is a solo art show featured at Neon Raspberry Art House in Occidental, Ca. The works consist of reclaimed and antique pieces that have been transformed with spray paint, paint markers and custom wordplay.


Do the (inner) work. Imrpove your (home) life.

Often, we go about our days in a bit of a haze of automatic routines and patterned responses, not stopping to think about the direction our lives are taking and when everything got so damned…serious.

The artwork featured in Home-Improved meditate on the idea that everyday objects could display messages that have us pause and take a step back to think. What is it that we truly want for our lives? When will we step out of the haze and curate our lives with intention?

Ordinary objects painted in bright colors and illuminated with messages that contain a touch of humor and wit, invite the viewer to think about how to make the ordinary, extraordinary, bringing more presence and depth to our everyday lives. Pour yourself some optimism, remember that feelings matter, risk contemplating your doubts (so that you can transcend them), and open a door contemplating that in our collective humanity, everyone is someone you know.